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The Curious Case of Alion

Procrustes, 30 May 2020. Here is a brief background of the Alion complaint. Alion was one of the 12 pre-qualified Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) bidders, and one of the three […]

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Canada’s Big Honking Ship

Trevor Wekel, 30 May 2020. As a proud Canadian, I am saddened by the state of our Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard. Years of neglect have led to difficult […]


Looking for Books about Maritime Matters?

Over the last 15 years, Canadian Naval Review has published over 170 book reviews. These books cover a variety of topics but they all relate to maritime matters, history, or […]

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Canadian Submarines

Did you know that Canada got its first submarines more than 100 years ago, during the First World War – and the first submarines were purchased by the province of […]

Zodiac RHIB

Contract awarded for multi-role boats

On 21 March 2020, Canada awarded a contract to Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Ltd for the design and construction of 30 multi-role boats for Canada’s Halifax-Class Frigates. This award directly supports […]


What does the navy do?

What does a navy do during peace time? Good question. The work that the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) does illustrates the classic roles of a navy – i.e., undertaking constabulary, […]

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The NSS and Covid-19

Procrustes, 16 May 2020 As Canada contemplates some gradual easing of the many regulations imposed on virtually every sector of the national economy, economists and other public policy experts are […]

Why CAN needs navy

Why does Canada Need a Navy?

If you don’t live near an ocean – and most Canadians don’t – you could live your whole life without ever seeing a warship. So why, you may ask yourself, […]

Maritime Threats

Maritime Threats to Canada

What are the threats to Canada’s maritime security? And why would someone living in Toronto or Saskatoon care about them? Threats to maritime security are threats to Canada’s sovereignty and […]


Canada as a Maritime State

The majority of Canadians live far from the oceans that surround Canada. They may be guilty of what has been referred to as ‘sea-blindness.’ But whether they know it or […]