Maritime Threats

Maritime Threats to Canada

What are the threats to Canada’s maritime security? And why would someone living in Toronto or Saskatoon care about them? Threats to maritime security are threats to Canada’s sovereignty and economic wellbeing. Goods don’t magically appear in Walmart. They are shipped here via the ocean. There are threats out there. Our security and economic wellbeing could be threatened by the naval forces of other states, goods coming to Canada could be hijacked by pirates, or criminal organizations could smuggle drugs, guns or people into Canada.

Although Canada is in an enviable location far from states at war, it isn’t immune from maritime-based threats that happen in faraway places. The most effective way to address these threats is by state forces - navies and coast guards. Whether Canadians live near the ocean or not, disorder and conflict at sea affect them.

Read more: NAC Briefing Note #2,


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