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Use of Mexeflote Rafts?

27 November 2018. ABCO Industries of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is building a 12 metre landing craft for each of the six AOPS — a landing craft to provide a ship-to-shore […]


Politicized Procurement?

22 November 2018. Moderator. Canada is in the midst of recapitalizing the fleets of both the Royal Canadian Naval and the Canadian Coast Guard. As well, it is (theoretically) procuring […]


The Canadian Shipbuilding Gap

7 November 2018. The recent announcement by the Minister of National Defence in Halifax Shipyards that a sixth Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) would be built and the welcome news […]

AU subs

Submarine Races in Asia

6 November 2018. The news out of Asia is always interesting. But from a naval perspective, it’s particularly interesting. There are multiple states spending huge sums to update their navies, […]

CNR 14.2

New Issue of CNR Coming Soon

15 October 2018. CNR has settled nicely into its new home at St. Francis Xavier University – although there are still a few hiccups we have to sort out. And […]

Old ship img

A Story about New Warships

There once was a small country surrounded by large powerful nations that had large powerful navies. This country had limited funds and could not afford to build nearly as many […]

CAN sub

The Case for Canadian Submarines

David Dunlop, 1 October 2018. The characteristics of modern 21st century submarines are: endurance, stealth, freedom of movement and versatility. The best sensor weapon that gives others pause is, without […]


Time to think about submarines?

28 September 2018. There have been many discussions about the missing element in the National Shipbuilding Strategy – i.e., submarines. In the not so distant future, Canada will have to […]


National Shipbuilding Strategy Refresh?

17 August 2018. There has been some rustling and flapping lately about the National Shipbuilding Strategy. A memorandum dated 23 January 2018 to the Deputy Minister of Finance, obtained by […]

Volume 14, Number 1, Summer 2018

Preview of Upcoming Issue

Preview Canadian Naval Review Vol. 14, No. 1 (2018) Despite the fact that CNR is in the midst of moving to its new home at St. Francis Xavier University – […]

Old HMCS Ottawa

Naming the New Frigates

13 July 2018. David Dunlop. Don’t know if the Type 26 Frigate will win the bidding process after the ‘curing’ process on July 21, but if the LM/BAE Type 26 […]


Defence Spending after NATO Summit

13 July. David Dunlop. Now that the 2018 NATO Summit has apparently passed a referendum to have all NATO countries contribute as a minimum at least 2% GDP to defence, […]

AU Type 26

Australia Selects BAE’s Type 26: Implications for Canada

3 July 2018.  On 29 June 2018 the Australian government announced [] that it had selected a variant of BAE’s Type 26 frigate for the Royal Australian Navy. The 9-ship […]

FRE in dock

Shipbuilding: Misery Loves Company?

21 June 2018. After a lull in shipbuilding over the past 20 years, many countries are now beefing up their naval fleets. Canada is in the process of recapitalizing both […]

LCS img

Littoral Combat Ships: Stay-at-home Ships?

16 April 2018. Moderator. There was a very interesting article in USNI News, about the Littoral Combat Ships. Both varieties of the LCS are having troubles. The article says that […]

RN corvette

Corvettes and Frigates

The Royal Navy is thinking about the proposed Type 31 frigate, but apparently is still trying to figure out the hows and whys and whats of the ship. The Type […]

AU ship design option

Australia’s Frigate Design Decision

Canada is currently going through the difficult process of deciding which of the bids for the Canadian Surface Combatant to accept. Canada is looking at three design proposals – Spain/Navantia […]