CNR 14.2

New Issue of CNR Coming Soon

15 October 2018. CNR has settled nicely into its new home at St. Francis Xavier University – although there are still a few hiccups we have to sort out. And to celebrate our new home, we’ve produced another great issue. We start with a controversial Editorial asking why we hear so much about the Type 26 option for the CSC, and if the ‘fix is in’ on the CSC competition. That’s sure to raise some comments. We then move on to some interesting articles. Our first article looks at the policies and practices to recruit and retain women in the armed forces of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The second article takes a look at the purposes and prospects of Operation Nanook and how it has changed under the Trudeau government. Our third article discusses a book about European navies and considers how Canada’s navy has fared in the years since the end of the Cold War compared to its European allies. Making Waves contains some great material: one commentary questions the future ability of the AOPS to work in the Arctic without adequate fueling facilities; one commentary looks at the message Canada is sending the world with the lightly-armed AOPS; another commentary makes us think the unthinkable, a NATO without the United States; and another commentary looks at Egypt and the Mistral ships it bought (or did it?) from France. And of course we have our usual columns and book reviews – and great photos. Don’t miss it.

The issue will be available soon – keep your eyes on the CNR Twitter account for details (@CdnNavalReview).


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