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Hacking in the Marine World

25 April 2017. We hear a lot about hacking these days, and security/defense organizations are undoubtedly concerned about the potential for serious breaches of their networked systems. But what about hacking of civilian marine transport? We all know that Canada receives a lot of its consumer goods via shipping, and […]

AORs in the Age of Distributed Lethality 1

30 March 2017. An article written by Christopher Cedros, a surface warfare office with the US Navy, sparked my earlier comment on repair containers and mexeflotes. The article is “Distributed Lethality and the Importance of Ship Repair” [available at http://the]. The doctrine of distributed lethality could fill an issue […]

Implications of Federal Budget on Defense and the Navy?

24 March 2017. If you’re wondering what implications the new budget has for Canadian defense, then Dr. David Perry at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) has published two articles that will interest you.  They are: “2017 Defence Budget Primer” ( and “Bad News for Defence: Budget 2017” ( Everything […]

Expansion of US Navy

22 March 2017. President Donald Trump has stated that he wants to increase the size of the US military and has called for a major increase of the US Navy. This would be a long-term, billion-dollar program to build ships. Sounds like a larger version of the National Shipbuilding Strategy. […]