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Happy New Year?

By Dr. Ann Griffiths, 31 December 2023 It’s the time of year for reflection, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to reflect on the past year for Canadian […]


Requiem for a Navy?

By Dan Middlemiss, 2 December 2023 So, how bad can it get for the RCN and the CAF as a whole? During the past year, senior officers have been publicly […]


Military Aid to the Civil Power

By Roger Cyr, OMM, CD, 18 July 2023 Aid to the civil power is the calling out of military troops by the civil authorities to help maintain or restore public […]


There’s No Life Like it!

By Moderator, 28 April 2022 The Department of National Defence conducted a public opinion poll earlier this year. The results are discouraging. Not only do Canadians know little about the […]

CDA Institute pub

The Media and CAF Recruitment

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 28 August 2020. There’s a new publication from the CDA Institute about media consumption and how that affects recruitment to the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s called “Tracking […]