Good News for the NSS

By Les Mader, 6 July 2022

Given all of the bad news and negative comments linked to the National Shipbuilding Strategy, especially with respect to the Joint Support Ship and Canadian Surface Combatant programmes, it is refreshing and heartening to see that the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship portion has now attained cruising speed and is producing new ships in a methodical fashion.

While some may argue about whether the AOPS are warships and whether Canada should have them, the fact is that HMCS Harry DeWolf (HDW) has already demonstrated the ability to operate successfully in the Arctic during the polar navigation season and ALSO in warm waters such as the Caribbean.  Looking forward to hearing that HMCS Margaret Brooke will follow in HDW’s wake this summer/autumn. 

Once the AOPS are settled into service it is to be hoped that upgrades are made to their weapon systems, accommodation, and landing craft in order to allow them to undertake some of the additional roles that have been suggested in the pages of the Canadian Naval Review since 2019.


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