Further CSC graphics

By David Dunlop, 18 January 2022

The Lockheed Martin Canada web page is showing a top-view of the CSC design (seen above). Recent computer graphics of the CSC frigate on the LM website seem to bear out the recent changes to the CSC design. Notice that the 32 MK 41 VLS cells are now down to 24, the CSC mast itself is larger and has been extended upwards and the two large satellite antennas have been moved from midships either side of the CAAM VLS system to 'kitty-corner' around the new mast structure and seem to be a bit smaller. There are also two cylindrical structures aft and outside of the hull structure (beside the multi-mission bay-MMB compartment) that don't look like any life-boats at all. But who knows. It's all so secretive and mysterious.

A graphic posted on Twitter by the Canadian Department of National Defence on 14 January 2022 shows the latest configuration of the Canadian Surface Combatant.

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