New Computer Graphics of CSC

By Mikaël Perron, 7 October 2021

There are two pages on the Lockheed Martin Canada's website that display a new CG version of the CSC.

The new CG pictures display the ship with the Leonardo 127mm/64 gun but the main difference is a totally redesigned main mast that brings the radars much higher but that probably greatly improve their performances. The new CGI still show only a 24-cell MK41 launcher although the DND specs mention 32 cells. The satellite antennas on both sides of the ExLS launchers aft of the main funnel are now moved just behind the bridge and seem to be smaller. We can also notice a new island aft of the Multi-role Boat bay that support some kind of cylindrical device that is unlikely to be a simple life raft!  The CSC file was strangely absent from the elections. I wonder what the next news about it will be! 


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