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Australia – Naval Paradise?

Brian Bertosa, 27 April 2021 I’ve just read an article published in The Forge, an Australian defence department journal. It’s entitled “JPME with a Purpose: […]


RCN Naval Diplomacy

José Cañadas Méndez, 25 April 2021 In March 2021 the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) issued a new Niobe paper. The subject this time is […]

AU ship design option

CSC: Off on the Wrong Foot?

Moderator, 21 April 2021 There was an interesting article by Alan Williams in The Hill Times on 19 April 2021. It’s called “Canadian Surface Combatants […]


Busy Navy

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 15 April 2021 As we all hunker down at home waiting for the world to open up again, the RCN has already […]