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The CAF and Operation Honour

It is not unusual for big organizations to experience problematic behaviour among personnel. The Canadian military is no exception and, as an organization with a long history of male dominance, the mistreatment of women in the ranks has been receiving attention. The question is how to address the problem. The 2017 defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged states that it wants to increase the number of women in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). If women are to join the CAF, however, they must not be subjected to a workplace that harms or demeans them.

The CAF leadership has stated that inappropriate sexual behaviour of any kind is unacceptable, and in order to address sexual misconduct in the CAF, Operation Honour was launched in 2015. Op Honour includes three main elements of change – institutions, processes and attitudes.

For more information about the changes that have been implemented, see the Naval Association of Canada Briefing Note on this topic, available at bn35-OpHonour.pdf (navalassoc.ca)

Link https://www.navalassoc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/bn35-Misconduct-in-CAF.pdf


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