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Canadian Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged

After almost two years of broad consultations, the government released a defence policy entitled Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy (SSE) in June 2017. It is intended to provide direction on defence policy for the next 20 years. The broad strokes of SSE reflect what has been said in previous defence policies – i.e., defence of Canada, defence of North America in partnership with the United States and working with allies to ensure global peace and stability. But it adds a greater emphasis on supporting personnel, acknowledges changes to warfare (including cyber and hybrid warfare, etc.) and talks about a new geopolitical environment.

Much to the relief of the military community, it makes no mention of cuts or decreases and instead pledges to increase both the budget of the armed forces and the size. An element that makes SSE unique from earlier defence policy statements, which tended to be somewhat abstract or silent about funding, is the attempt to make the policies outlined in it fully costed. And, more than three years later, it is still relevant as the document guiding defence policy.

Want to know more, take a look at the Naval Association of Canada Briefing Note on the subject, at

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