Upcoming CNR issue – Vol 16.1

Preview: Canadian Naval Review, Vol. 16, No. 1 (2020) - 10 Years of the NSPS / NSS

Little did we know a few months ago when we decided to make the spring issue of CNR a theme issue that the world would change so dramatically. If we had a crystal ball, we could have made it a theme issue about pandemics and navies. But we don’t. We decided that, as we hit the 10-year anniversary of its creation, the time was ripe to examine the National Shipbuilding (Procurement) Strategy.

CNR theme issue Vol. 16, No. 1 (2020)

The NSS is the largest shipbuilding program that Canada has implemented since the Second World War. In the spring issue, we examine the NSS from many angles. How did the program come into being? Why was it created? And what is happening with it? What are other countries in similar situations doing? Will it accomplish its goals? What is missing from it? And what are the strengths and shortcomings of the strategy? You have questions, we have answers. And as usual, we have illustrated the issue with beautiful photos.

The spring issue is coming soon. We are fortunate that our graphic designers and our printer are still working (although the printer is currently working at reduced hours). If you don’t have a subscription yet, you should get one so you don’t miss anything.

Keep your eyes on the CNR Twitter account for details (CdnNavalReview). And see the full table of contents below.

Table of Contents: 10 Years of the NSPS/NSS

  • Introduction to the Theme Issue - Ann Griffiths
  • Editorial: Building a Modern Sustainable Canadian Shipbuilding Industry - Vice-Admiral (Ret'd) Gary Garnett and Vice-Admiral (Ret'd) Ron Buck
  • Team Canada (Ships) Sees the NSS Delivering - Vice-Admiral Art McDonald
  • Reflections on a Decade of NSS - Ian Mack
  • Naval Shipbuilding Strategies in Australia, Britain and Canada - Elinor Sloan
  • Arctic Icebreaking Operations and the NSS - Jeff G. Gilmour
  • Making Waves
    • The National Shipbuilding Strategy: Flawed Premises - Dan Middlemiss
    • Sustaining Seapower: Domestic Shipbuilding is Not Just about Jobs - Timothy Choi
    • The NSS: A Canadian Submarine Response? - David Dunlop
    • A Suggestion for an Intermediate Level of Arctic Amphibious Capability - Major (Ret’d) Les Mader
    • The Battle of Atlantic 75 Years Later - Christopher Perry
  • Dollars and Sense: The First Decade of the NSS - Dave Perry
  • A View from the West: Narco-Submarines and the Implications for Atlantic Security - Shannon João Sterrett
  • Warship Developments: The Next Navy - Doug Thomas
  • Book reviews

Download CNR Vol 16.1 pdf (subscribers only)


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