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Pandemics and the Maritime Arena

Dr. Ann Griffiths, 23 April 2020.

There is a burgeoning discussion about unwinding the measures that have shut down the economies of countries around the world in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. It has become increasingly clear that opening up the economy will be much more difficult than closing it down. It is also becoming clear that the effects of the shutdowns will be felt for some time.

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The Naval Association of Canada has produced a Briefing Note that discusses how the coronavirus has affected the maritime arena: the cruise ship industry has been decimated and halted its operations; cargo/container ships have canceled sailings and, because of this, global supply lines have been disrupted; and navies have been affected in the health of personnel, their work and their future budgets. This 3-page Briefing Note starkly illustrates the impact of coronavirus on the oceans, and the difficulties that will be faced as we attempt to move beyond the pandemic.

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