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Indian sub

The Forgotten Asian Power

In our fascination with China and its growing global power and influence, we tend to forget about the other Asian giant – India. It’s the dominant power in South Asia […]

USN sailors

Training and Personnel

After the publication of the Comprehensive Review of Recent Surface Force Incidents, the US Navy is beginning to implement changes. The report noted that USN sailors were deficient in the […]

USS John S McCain

Reports and Explanations for USN Collisions

As we all know, several USN ships were involved in collisions in recent months. The collision of USS Fitzgerald with MV ACX Crystal, and USS John S. McCain with MV […]


Will Submarines be Obsolete Soon?

Canada is in the early stages of thinking about replacing its submarines. Submarines are not part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, but they are mentioned in the new defence policy. […]