Volume 13, Number 3, Fall 2017

Fall Issue of Canadian Naval Review Goes to Print This Week

Another issue of CNR is coming soon. The fall issue features an article considering what China is up to with its naval build up. It includes another article which – in the absence of a decision on which UN peacekeeping/peace support mission Canada should join – examines the case for using the Royal Canadian Navy to fulfill the Trudeau government’s pledge that Canada is ‘back’ internationally. And, finally, it includes an article looking at maritime migration to the European Union and argues that the countries with which the EU has signed agreements to stop the migration have significant leverage over the EU. Making Waves is full of interesting commentaries, and on top of that, there are the usual fascinating columns and a selection of book reviews.

The issue will be available soon – keep your eyes on the CNR Twitter account for details (@CdnNavalReview). And see the full table of contents on the CNR website (www.navalreview.ca).


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