Danish ship for CSC

Look to Denmark for New Ships for Less Money

Over the past few years, Canadian Naval Review has published a number of articles about the National Shipbuilding Strategy. Of major interest to analysts (and taxpayers) is the cost of the new Canadian Surface Combatants. CNR has published suggestions that instead of inventing its own design, Canada should use a design that the navy already has – i.e., the Canadian Patrol Frigate. CNR has published suggestions that Canada adopt and/or adapt a corvette design. And there have been articles and commentaries about buying designs and/or ships offshore from other countries. The discussion continues in many fora. In the 23 October 2017 issue of MacLean’s Magazine, Ken Hansen makes the argument that Canada should look to Denmark for lessons, and consider adopting the Danish Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates.

See Ken Hansen, “For Smarter Shipbuilding, Canada Should Look to Denmark,” MacLean’s, 23 October 2017, available at  http://www.macleans.ca/opinion/for-smarter-shipbuilding-canada-should-look-to-denmark/


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