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Danish ship for CSC

Look to Denmark for New Ships for Less Money

Over the past few years, Canadian Naval Review has published a number of articles about the National Shipbuilding Strategy. Of major interest to analysts (and taxpayers) is the cost of […]

Small drone

Maritime Drones Undertake More Tasks

We may think of unmanned aerial vehicles/drones as being the deliverers of Hellfire missiles to terrorists, but they do much more than that. The drone business is booming. And the […]

RN ship

Royal Navy Changes and Challenges

We’ve published a series of commentaries in CNR by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham about challenges and changes with the Royal Navy. (See his most recent commentary in the upcoming fall […]

USN ship

USN Should Follow Lessons of the Private Sector

In an interesting – and undoubtedly controversial – article entitled “The ‘Navy Way’ is the Wrong Course,” Captain Paul E. Lobo, a retired Lt-Commander in the US Naval Reserve and […]

Geopolitical Shifts Trump

Seismic Geopolitical Shifts in the World

Whether this can be blamed on the Trump administration is an open question, but the geopolitical pattern is definitely changing this year. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have both announced that […]

UK Mexeflote Raft

The Utility of Mexeflote

Davie Shipbuilding gave a presentation at the Canadian Defence Security and Aerospace Exhibition Atlantic in Halifax on 5-7 September. Davie’s presentation featured the new (interim) Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship, Asterix. […]