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Royal Navy Changes and Challenges

We’ve published a series of commentaries in CNR by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham about challenges and changes with the Royal Navy. (See his most recent commentary in the upcoming fall issue of CNR.) In his commentaries Blackham argues that it is dangerous to lose sight of the conventional elements of deterrence by focusing too much on the nuclear deterrent. He also argues that new forms of warfare – for example, asymmetric warfare – don’t replace old forms but rather add to them. He’s concerned that the UK is making decisions that will weaken both the Royal Navy and deterrence.  Along these lines, there’s a new article out that discusses how the Royal Navy is paying off some ships in order to operate/pay for new ships. See “Royal Navy May Sacrifice Its Last Amphibious Ships to Pay for Its New Carriers,” by Joseph Trevithick. Available at http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/15279/royal-navy-may-sacrifice-its-last-amphibious-ships-to-pay-for-its-new-carriers  


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