CDA Institute Defence Review Roundtable

Eric Lerhe comments on the CDA & CDA Institute Special Event- Defence Policy Review:

For one of the more focused Defence Review efforts, the CDAI 11 May 2016 Roundtable and its published analysis is hard to beat.

For me the high points were Col. Charles Davies (retired) with his view that there are "no fail" missions that must come first with the additional thought that "We can't dodge the hard, if slightly oversimplified, reality that Canada's sub-surface maritime approaches will be protected by submarines, surface approaches by surface vessels, and air approaches by fighter aircraft - the question in all cases is whether they will be Canadian or American."  Also see his attached annex on the lopsided division of resources currently assigned to the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Colonel Dan Ross (retired) then provides a most compelling case for the need to reform defence procurement.

Col. Dr. Cessford (retired) inserts an excellent recap of past defence reviews' sustained focus on combat capable forces and a strong attack on the concept of niche capabilities.

The high point of this very strong series is most certainly Elinor Sloan's piece.  Her look into the future, review of the UK and Australian policies, estimation of the threat, concerns over the current peacekeeping focus, and
recommendations for future force structure are simply top-notch."


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