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Comment on “Sajjan shies away from endorsing controversial 2011 Leslie Report”

Sajjan shies away from endorsing controversial 2011 Leslie Report

I was very disappointed to see that the announced Defence Policy Review was barely hours old and already needless speculation has started about the probable outcomes including the future of Canada's Fleet Maintenance Facilities. Regrettably the Halifax Herald, in the attached article, has turned to noted Dalhousie security analyst Ken Hansen to provide comment. In addition, to noting as a sidebar that retired LGen Leslie was a very unpopular guy to begin with, thank you Mr. Hansen for that enlightened comment, as if popularity was a criteria to lead a review on transformation, the media has again trotted out the rumour about the future of the FMFs. It was my clear understanding that this issue had been put to bed last year, when Mr. Hansen was referring to findings and recommendations in the Leslie Report that were incorrect and non-existent.

The Government of Canada has embarked on an ambitious program of consultation with invitations extended to all Canadians to help shape the formulation of a new Defence Policy for Canada. The Minister has indicated that this will culminate in a Defence White Paper. Let us all make our contributions to this effort but avoid perpetrating falsehoods and introducing unnecessary anxiety such as was attempted through this article in the Halifax Herald


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