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Volume 15, Number 3, Winter 2020

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  • Editorial: Not for Sale: Trump, Greenland and Danish Naval Diplomacy - Tim Choi
  • Winner of 2019 CNMT Essay Contest: On the Rise of the Materialists and the Decline of Naval
  • Thought in the RCN - Captain Hugues Canuel, RCN
  • China’s 2019 White Paper: Defence in the New Era - Joe Varner
  • Why the Absence of a Canadian Position on FONOPs? (Hint: Look North) - Adam P. MacDonald
  • How Does the RCN Prepare to Fight in Hypersonic Missile Environments? - Matthew Beaupré

Making Waves:

  • Notes from the Field: A Firsthand Look at the CSC’s New Radar - Tim Choi
  • The Future of Canada’s Maritime Fleet in the Arctic - Peter Barron
  • The Challenges of Opening Arctic Waters to the World - Joshua Nelles
  • A View from the West: Interview with Dr. James Boutilier - Brett Witthoeft
  • Dollars and Sense: Slightly Delinquent: Canadian Defence Burden Sharing - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Snippets - Doug Thomas