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RCN CSC factsheet Nov20

Canadian Surface Combatant – Elect

Dan Middlemiss, 09 November 2020. The Canadian Navy just released a new graphic revealing the latest details on the specifications and various featured systems for its proposed new warship. [See […]

CSC design option Alion 2017

The Curious Case of Alion

Procrustes, 30 May 2020. Here is a brief background of the Alion complaint. Alion was one of the 12 pre-qualified Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) bidders, and one of the three […]

CSC option - Italy

Comparing Frigates

Readers may be interested in this analysis, particularly because variants of at least three of the top 10 modern frigates examined, France’s Aquitaine-class, Denmark’s Iver Huitfeldt-class, and Germany’s Saschen-class, are […]