Updated CSC graphics again!

By Mikael Perron, 13 May 2024

I did get across the publicity from BAE system to announce their participation to this year CANSEC event. I was surprise to discover yet again a new mast configuration and a few more details for the CSC!

First, it does now feature what seem to be a fire control radar in front of the main mast. It most certainly serve together with the Leonardo 127/64 LW main gun, leaving the SPY-7 radar to track and illuminate targets for the AA missiles (Sea Ceptor, ESSM & SM2 Block IIIC). The main mast looks a lot like the previous iteration but with a distinctive upper end. This time there are what seem to be EW device on the port and starboard side of the mast.

Another details consist of the NSM launcher configuration. They are now angled forward with the exit end facing outward instead of inward. It is about time we get on with the final configuration and start building these ships! Word is out that pre-construction module construction is to start within a few month and the full implementation is to be by year ends or beginning of the next one. Not soon enough!

Ref https://www.baesystems.com/en-ca/event/cansec


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