An approach from Germany and Norway for the Type 212CD submarine 

By Blair Shaw, May 16, 2024

Just received this news item today [May 14] about the possibility of an offer from Germany and Norway for Canada to join the type 212CD program. In my view it’s a good option as the 212CD is much larger than its predecessor the 212A but while it is larger it has the tried and trusted evolved technology the 212A has. They are currently starting to build these boats with both Germany and Norway going for six each. 

I believe these would be a great off the shelf asset to the RCN that could indeed perform limited under ice operations in the Arctic as we know the Arctic is a key goal of the RCN and these certainly would help achieve that. It is early stages and this was an approach by Germany and Norway so much more to be done in the coming months but it would be interesting to hear others views on this on the forum 



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