A Movie about the RCN

By Les Mader, 4 December 2023

To my knowledge, only two movies have ever been made about the RCN – the World War II Corvette K 225 and the 1993 Lifeline to Victory.  Of the two, I have always considered Lifeline to Victory to be the better.  It stars some first-class actors and was filmed on location using CSS Acadia and HMCS Sackville.  It is also the more historically accurate film, especially with respect to the RCN in the early years of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Sadly, it does not seem to have ever been rebroadcast on TV after its initial 1993 showing and I cannot locate it as a DVD.  The last VHS tapes were sold over a decade ago.

Thus, I was very pleased to discover that it has been placed on YouTube at the attached link, which is provided for the enjoyment of the Broadsides Forum community.

Lifeline to Victory - VHS transfer - YouTube


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