A Polar Maritime Security Vessel

By David Prior, 25 October 2023

Given China's and Russia's increasing interest in the Arctic [see https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/arctic/2023/10/putin-tells-xi-we-will-connect-kola-bay-persian-gulf], polar maritime security vessels (PMSVs) staffed by Arctic Rangers make more sense every day, especially if the RCN crews them with Indigenous officers and crew. These vessels, and smaller versions for the Rangers, represent a great way to integrate Arctic communities with the RCN if they are crewed and operated by Indigenous northern residents as much as possible. PMSVs should spend their entire service lives in the North, not huddled together year-round under the Macdonald Bridge in Halifax. A floating drydock in the North would handle maintenance requiring haul-out and would create skilled northern jobs. It's also a useful feature in the advent of marine accidents in shipping and fishing or for military operations (repairing damage quickly etc). For more on this type of vessel see http://www.spilltechnology.com/


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