Royal Navy in the High Arctic

David Dunlop, 15 September 2020.

I just came across a Royal Navy article on the High Arctic and the RN's involvement leading a multinational exercise across the Bering Straits recently. This may be of great interest to CNR and its readers. My question is, why was Canada not involved in any form with this task group exercise. Although this was not a NATO exercise, it would have been a golden opportunity missed for Canada to assert its own sovereignty and cooperation with allied navies such as the US/UK and Norway and their A/C. Perhaps Canada was not involved because it was a non-NATO exercise or, were we intentionally left out in the cold. (Is Canada's role in the Arctic relevant any more?) Whatever the case, in my opinion it appears as if Canada was snubbed and seems to give Canada a black eye.

See this article for information about the exercise in the Arctic.


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