CSC Land-based Test Facilities

By Dan Middlemiss, 21 September 2023

It has just been announced that Lockheed Martin has been awarded approximately US $64m (C$85m) contract for the establishment of the AEGIS Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) land-based test site in New Jersey, USA, funded through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) from Canada. (

In addition, we know that Canada is going ahead with a C$65M land-based systems test facility at Hartlen Point, Nova Scotia. This will be used to test navigation and communications systems, and, I assume their integration with Lockheed Martin Canada’s (LMC) CMS 330 combat management system.

However, I do not know where both the US and Canadian systems will be integrated into a final test and evaluation before being installed on the first CSC. Does anyone have any information about how these disparate systems will be integrated into a final test of systems compatibility?


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