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Funding for the Military after COVID

The government has two major projects for the Canadian Forces coming up in the near future – the Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC) and the replacement fighter jets. Both are big ticket items. Budget plans for this year have been derailed as the government spends billions to address the fallout from covid-19. What happens now to the commitments to the Department of National Defence?  

There’s an interesting article by James A. Clarke, “Sustaining Strong, Secure and Engaged Funding: What the COVID-19 Pandemic Means for Defence Funding,” in the autumn 2020 issue of Canadian Military Journal that discusses this question.


Featured image credit: Canadian Military Journal Vol. 20, No.4, p.60

Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, thanks soldiers of 4 Canadian Health Services Group and the other Canadian Forces members that collectively are part of Territorial Battle Group 1, and who recently came off shift at Eatonville Care Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario, for helping their communities during Operation Laser, the CAF COVID-19 response, 3 June 2020.


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