Getting Procurement Right

There has been much talk over the years about problems in the process of procuring military assets. Procuring ships for the navy, in particular, receives attention because of the size of the project budgets, and the rarity of ships getting built. If the government procures ships every 20 years, whatever expertise had been built up has generally been lost, and processes need finetuning all over again. Governments of all stripes have promised to streamline the process, while making sure that budgets stay under control. The most recent plan has been introduced by the new Liberal government and it involves the creation of Defence Procurement Canada to centralize the defence procurement process. Instead of the current system involving three departments (National Defence, Public Service Procurement, Innovation), as well as the Treasury Board and the Privy Council Office, procurement would be undertaken through one entity. In an article published by CGAI, entitled “Defence Procurement: Opportunities and Constraints,” author Jeffrey Collins takes us through the plan. Available at


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