New Opportunity to Address Procurement Problems

There has been a lot of discussion in the past month about procurement. The re-elected, but now minority, Liberals have proposed creating Defence Procurement Canada – i.e., to channel major defence procurement projects through one body. And the Conservatives have also been clamouring for changes to how procurement programs unfold. In another article on procurement published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, “The Defence Procurement Outlook for Canada’s 43rd Parliament,” Dave Perry asks how Canada is doing on defence procurement. He points out that there are two problems with Canada’s defence procurement system: (1) a growing disconnect between procurement practitioners in government and everyone else paying attention to procurement; and (2) the people who work on procurement projects are continually establishing expectations that are not met. He concludes that “[t]he start of the 43rd Parliament offers a perfect opportunity to reset procurement schedules and spending forecasts and bring the expectations of those in and out of government into better alignment.” Read the article at


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