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Shipbuilding in Canada and Australia

20 January 2019. It’s not hard to see similarities between Canada and Australia. Both are former British colonies with a system of government inherited from the British, both are big countries that are sparsely populated and both have abundant natural resources which contribute to national wealth. And to get even more down into the details, both countries are in the midst of a new plan to recapitalize their navies – Canada’s 2010 National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), and Australia’s 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Plan (NSP) – and stop the boom-and-bust cycle of national shipbuilding. Both navies are also going with the Type 26 option! See the interesting article by Jeffrey Collins, “Overcoming ‘Boom and Bust’? Analyzing National Shipbuilding Plans in Canada and Australia,” published by the CGAI, available at


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