The Canadian Naval Review is published by the Centre for the Study of Security and Development  (CSSD) at Dalhousie University. It is a professional journal examining a wide range of maritime security issues from a Canadian perspective. It focuses on strategic concepts, policies, historical perspectives, and operations of the Canadian Navy, plus oceans policy, marine affairs and national security in general. This initiative brings together members of the Canadian defense and academic communities and is a component of the CFPS’s Maritime Security Program.

The Canadian Naval Review has three primary objectives:

  • provide a public forum for the discussion of the maritime dimensions of Canada’s national security;
  • provide a public forum for the discussion of Canada’s naval and maritime policies; and
  • provide a source for the public examination of Canadian naval and maritime history and for the development of lessons learned.


Next Issue of CNR Now Available

Winter 2017 (Volume 12, Number 4)

Canadian Naval Review
Special Issue: Recapitalizing the Fleet (Preview)
Vol. 12, No. 4 (2017)

CNR is publishing another special issue – this time on recapitalizing the Canadian fleet. This special issue has been made possible by funding from the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) and draws from a conference that NAC hosted in 2016. This issue of CNR consists of a variety of interesting and controversial material about building new ships for the RCN. It includes: an article examining how we can learn from the history of shipbuilding in Canada; an article discussing the origins of the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the elements that have made it work well thus far; an article considering what strategic considerations should be taken into account when recapitalizing the fleet; an article considering whether Canada should forget about the sunk costs of the Victoria-class submarines and either buy new ones or get out of the sub business; and an article discussing the possibilities of the RCN being the beneficiary of any new policy/funding coming out of the Defence Policy Review. On top of that, this issue of CNR contains brilliant commentaries, fascinating columns and a smorgasbord of book reviews.

The special issue will be available soon – keep your eyes on the CNR Twitter account for details (@CdnNavalReview). And see the full table of contents below.

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Table of Contents

Volume 12, No. 4 (Special Issue Winter 2017)

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Cover Page 

Editorial: Recapitalizing the Fleet by Eric Lerhe

Some Observations on Canada’s Experience Building Warships  by Michael Hennessy

Assessing the Progress of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy  by Tom Ring

Building Canada’s Next Navy: Strategic Basis and Fleet Mix by Elinor Sloan

Canada’s Submarines are Sunk Costs  by Michael Byers

The Navy’s Prospects in Trudeau’s Defence Policy Review by Dave Perry

Making Waves

  • The Need for Maritime Thinking and Sea Power by Peter Haynes
  • Capability and Capacity: All that Glitters is Not Gold by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Tweaking the Procurement Approach for the Canadian Surface Combatant by Captain Roger Chiasson

Dollars and Sense: Adjusting to Trump by Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Aircraft Carriers: Today’s Dreadnoughts? by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews


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