The Canadian Naval Review is published by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies (CFPS) at Dalhousie University. It is a professional journal examining a wide range of maritime security issues from a Canadian perspective. It focuses on strategic concepts, policies, historical perspectives, and operations of the Canadian Navy, plus oceans policy, marine affairs and national security in general. This initiative brings together members of the Canadian defense and academic communities and is a component of the CFPS’s Maritime Security Program.

The Canadian Naval Review has three primary objectives:

  • provide a public forum for the discussion of the maritime dimensions of Canada’s national security;
  • provide a public forum for the discussion of Canada’s naval and maritime policies; and
  • provide a source for the public examination of Canadian naval and maritime history and for the development of lessons learned.


Next Issue of CNR Now Available!

Fall 2016 (Volume 12, Number 3)

Here is a preview of what you’ll see in the issue. It contains an interview with Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, Commander Royal Canadian Navy. There are articles about surveillance in the Arctic, anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles, and Canada’s work under Operation Unifier in Ukraine. As well, we have an update from Seaspan on how the non-combat ships of the National Shipbuilding Strategy are coming along, a discussion of how the Royal Navy could learn from other navies, and Russia’s perspective on missile defense in Europe. And, of course, we have our regular columns and a selection of book reviews.

This is just a sample of the exciting and interesting material contained in this issue. Take a look at the Table of Contents.

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Table of Contents

Volume 12, No. 3 (2016)


Editorial: Foreign and Defence Policy Coherence: The Critical Naval Nexus (Free Access)by Hugh Segal

Watching the Arctic Ocean: Lessons from the Cold War by Adam Lajeunesse

The Emergence of Anti-Ship Missiles and the Implications for the RCN by Major Ed Stokes

Operation Unifier: Canada’s Military Training Mission in Ukraine by Tim Dunne

Interview with Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd (Free Access) by Dave Perry

Making Waves

  • The NSS: Alive and Well on Canada’s West Coast by Tim Page
  • You are Never Too Old (or Too Senior) to Learn by Vice-Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Maritime Safety: The Dangers of Servicing by C.S.P. Hunter
  • Russia’s Missile Defence Dilemma by Debalina Ghoshal

Dollars and Sense: Decision Time for Defence (Free Access) by  Dave Perry

A View from the West: Australian Shipbuilding: Addressing Indo-Pacific Concerns? by Diana Edwards

Warship Developments: Trends by Doug Thomas

Book Reviews

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