The Canadian Naval Review is published by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies (CFPS) at Dalhousie University. It is a professional journal examining a wide range of maritime security issues from a Canadian perspective. It focuses on strategic concepts, policies, historical perspectives and operations of the Canadian Navy, plus oceans policy, marine affairs and national security in general. This initiative brings together members of the Canadian defence and academic communities and is a component of the CFPS’s Maritime Security Program.

The Canadian Naval Review has three primary objectives:

  • provide a public forum for the discussion of the maritime dimensions of Canada’s national security;
  • provide a public forum for the discussion of Canada’s naval and maritime policies; and
  • provide a source for the public examination of Canadian naval and maritime history and for the development of lessons learned.


NOW Available: Winter 2016 (Volume 11, Number 3)

Here is a preview of what you’ll see in the Winter issue of Canadian Naval Review (Volume 11, Number 3). In their Editorial, Vice-Admiral Gary Garnett RCN (Ret’d) and Vice-Admiral Ron Buck RCN (Ret’d) talk about the ‘Real Change’ promised by the Liberal Party before the election, and how that might affect the navy. We have an article from authors at DRDC discussing the importance of getting the right size of crews for the new ships that are being constructed for the Canadian navy, and an article examining the role of British traditions in the development of the Canadian navy. And then we head outside Canada. We have fascinating articles that discuss Chinese naval programs, the United States, India and China in the Indian Ocean Region, the Egyptian Navy and its role protecting the newly enlarged Suez Canal, and Saudi Arabia’s work to build naval coalitions in the Middle East. And, of course, we have our regular columns.

This is just a sample of the exciting and interesting material contained in this issue. Take a look at the Table of Contents.

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Table of Contents

Volume 11, No. 3 (2016)

Editorial: ‘Real Change’ for the Canadian Navy? - Vice-Admiral Gary Garnett RCN (Ret’d) and Vice-Admiral Ron Buck RCN (Ret’d)

Enlarging Fleet, Expanding Mandate: China’s Determination to Become a Maritime Power - Adam P. MacDonald

Implications for the Indian Ocean Region of the US ‘Rebalance’ to the Pacific - David R. Jones

A Systems Approach to Naval Crewing Analysis: Coping with Complexity - Renee Chow, Commander Ramona Burke, Lieutenant-Commander Dennis Witzke

British Tradition as Canadian History in the Early Twentieth Century - Joe DeSapio

The Suez Canal and the Egyptian Navy - Ramez Ebeid

Making Waves

China’s Historic Use of Naval Power and What It Means for Today - Joe Varner

A View from the West: The Houseboat of Saud - Scott Bryce Aubrey

Dollars and Sense: Fixing the Procurement Process - Dave Perry

Warship Developments: Underway Support and Project Resolve - Doug Thomas

Book Reviews


News and Events

  • We were pleased at the response to our annual essay contest. As always, there were a number of excellent submissions. The winner of this year's Canadian Naval Memorial Trust/Bruce S. Oland Essay Competition is Lieutenant (N) Jonathan Douglas. His essay, entitled "Beyond Counter-Terrorism: The RCN and Canadian Interests in the Indian Ocean" and will be featured in the upcoming Fall issue.
  • Read about the latest publication by CFPS: At What Cost Sovereignty? Canada-US Military Interoperability in the War on Terror, by Dr Eric Lerhe
  • Read about another CFPS publication, Rise of the Rest: Opportunities and Implications, edited by David Beitelman and Jean-François Bélanger