The Canadian Naval Review is published by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies (CFPS) at Dalhousie University. It is a professional journal examining a wide range of maritime security issues from a Canadian perspective. It focuses on strategic concepts, policies, historical perspectives and operations of the Canadian Navy, plus oceans policy, marine affairs and national security in general. This initiative brings together members of the Canadian defence and academic communities and is a component of the CFPS’s Maritime Security Program.

The Canadian Naval Review has three primary objectives:

  • provide a public forum for the discussion of the maritime dimensions of Canada’s national security;
  • provide a public forum for the discussion of Canada’s naval and maritime policies; and
  • provide a source for the public examination of Canadian naval and maritime history and for the development of lessons learned.


Special Issue of Canadian Naval Review (Volume 12, No. 1 (2016))

In early April 2016, the government of Canada announced that it would conduct a Defence Policy Review to examine the issues and elements of defence policy in a world that has changed greatly since the last review in the 1990s. In February of this year, in anticipation of this announcement, Canadian Naval Review (CNR) – sponsored by the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) – decided to publish a special theme issue focused on what should be considered in that review. The Special Issue was designed to address the question, what are the important naval matters the Defence Review should consider? To answer this question, contributors examined a series of other questions. What is the strategic maritime environment, and how is Canada affected by it? What technology and ships will characterize future naval forces? What will be the maritime challenges in the Arctic? What are the financial considerations of the naval procurement program? Is there a cost premium for building ships in Canada? How is the use of maritime air assets changing? Does Canada need to consider a submarine procurement program and, if so, what capabilities would the future submarines need? Can we learn from Australia’s maritime policy and procurement?

The Special Issue of CNR examines these matters. All content can be freely accessed and is now available.

The Special Issue was made possible by a generous contribution from the Naval Association of Canada.

Table of Contents

Volume 12, No. 1 (2016)


The Defence Review and Immutable Realities
Daniel Sing

Strategic Considerations for Canada’s Navy
Dr. Elinor Sloan

What Sort of Future RCN?
Dr. Norman Friedman

The New Defence Policy Needs to Focus on Procurement, Not Prose
Dr. Dave Perry

Why a Defence Review is Necessary and Why It will be Easy to Get it Wrong in the Arctic
Dr. Rob Huebert

The Royal Canadian Navy: The Ocean at our Gates
Rear-Admiral John Newton

Making Waves

Is ‘Maritime’ Still in the Future of Maritime Air?
Colonel (Ret’d) John Orr

Is There a ‘Made in Canada’ Premium for Building Warships?
Dr. Eric Lerhe

Canada and Modern Submarines
Peter T. Haydon

Australian Defence Strategy and the Defence White Paper 2016
Brian K. Wentzell

Our Voice Matters
Cal Mofford

A View from the West

Because It’s 2016: Returning Canada to the Indo-Pacific Region
Brett Witthoeft

Warship Developments

How Big is ‘Big Enough’?
Doug Thomas


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