CSC Costs: Is This All We Get?

By Dan Middlemiss, 25 January 2024

CSC Costs: Is This All We Get?

Dan Middlemiss

David Pugliese reveals that Ken Rubin, a longstanding Access to Information user, recently received nearly 1,700 pages dealing with the specific costs and work done on the CSC to date.[1] Trouble is, most of the response by DND to Rubin’s April 2021 request for files, is heavily redacted – as Rubin said, “I pretty much got nearly 1,700 blank pages”. In fact, Rubin stated that there was not a single cost figure in any of these pages. No details on what Canadian taxpayers had spent thus far, and nothing on the work Irving Shipbuilding has done for these taxpayer dollars, and Irving’s annual profit was censored.

Irving refused to comment; the office of the current Minister of National Defence, Bill Blair, released a statement declaring that “the minister believes strongly in openness and transparency”.

DND apparently also claimed that, when consulted by government officials as to whether the records contained proprietary information, Irving objected to the release of the documents. Pugliese noted that Rubin contends that DND does not have to accede to Irving’s wishes because the amount of tax dollars spent on the CSC and how it is spent should not be secret.

In addition, DND apparently told the Ottawa Citizen that the documents had taken so long to be released because Rubin had requested 20 years of records. Rubin denied this, and DND later acknowledged, without explanation, that its contention was not true.

So, we are left to ask whether or not DND still intends to produce an updated costing for the CSC. In the meantime, secrecy and prevarication still rule in Canada’s Orwellian State.

[1]. David Pugliese, “Unprecedented level of secrecy surrounds costs and work on $89B warship project,” Ottawa Citizen, 24 January 2024. See,


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