The Admirals’ Medal

By Naval Association of Canada, 12 October 2022

Established in 1985, in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the Naval Service of Canada, the Admirals’ Medal award was founded by the sons of Canadian Rear-Admirals George Stephens and Victor Brodeur and Vice-Admiral Rollo Mainguy to honour their illustrious fathers. It is awarded annually to a member of the maritime/naval community in Canada for outstanding achievements in the advancement of maritime affairs related to Canada.

Generally, the medal is awarded for outstanding achievement and impact in Canada’s marine sector in areas including vision, executive action, science, technology and academic studies or for the application of practical skills. Alternately, the medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution or body of work in a maritime/naval field of endeavour warranting special recognition. Responsibility for the Admirals’ Medal was transferred from the Royal Canadian Navy to the Naval Association of Canada (NAC) in 2021.

The Selection Criteria, the Annual Award Cycle and Nomination Instructions for this prestigious award are found at The Admirals' Medal - Naval Association of Canada. Nominations for 2023 will be accepted until 1 November 2022.


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