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Reading Lists for Military Leaders

Every year senior leaders in the United States Navy release a recommended reading list. This, like many other military reading lists, is a mix of classic literature and new entries. […]

Asterix at Davie Shipyard

Shipbuilders and Near-Death Experiences

A few days ago Davie Shipyard in Quebec invited the public and various governmental, defence/navy and industry representatives to its drydock. The event was the unveiling of MV Asterix which […]

USN cyber ops

Navies Adapt to Information Warfare

Military forces increasingly rely on networked information to function effectively. Now we talk about information warfare. This means taking both defensive actions to protect your information and the systems that […]

Type 26 frigate

New RN Type 26 Frigates

The British government announced that the first of the Royal Navy’s Type 26 frigates will be laid down within the month after an order was placed and contract signed with […]