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Maritime geostrategy and the development of the Chinese navy in the early 21st century

This article, published in 2004 in China’s most prestigious military journal, China Military Science, merits special attention as a cogent explanation for the recent acceleration in China’s naval development that has been manifested by the wide array of sophisticated warships that have emerged from Chinese shipyards since 2000. Xu asserts […]


The view from the ‘port lookout’

As we wonder what the next budget will bring for naval forces in Canada, we might ask if the present fixation on joint and expeditionary warfare is/is not blinding us to more long standing and traditional maritime concerns. Perhaps it is timely to see what the “other guy” is thinking. […]


Crewing the A/OPVs by reservist won’t be easy

A number of commentators in this forum have proposed to take the crews from the MCDVs and move them into the A/OPVs with the assumption that this will be fairly easy and relatively painless as compared to manning them with ‘scarce’ regular force talent. Alternatively others have suggested that the […]


Modularity, the Littoral Combat Ship and the future of the United States Navy

Lexington Institute Paper, “Modularity, the Littoral Combat Ship and the Future of The United States Navy” is available here. The Lexington Institute paper provides a general overview and somewhat one-sided assessment of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The paper is very limited on its treatment of the origins of the […]