Upgrading the CSC Missile Load

By Barnacle Bill, 11 November 2023

I came across this article. It's called "BAE Offers Evolved Up-Armed Hunter for Australia," published by Naval News on 7 November: https://www.navalnews.com/event-news/indo-pacific-2023/2023/11/bae-offers-evolved-up-armed-hunter-for-australia/

I have commented before about my concerns about the paltry missile load for a ship of the CSC’s size. (The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has recently expressed the same concern regarding the Hunter class. https://www.aspi.org.au/report/australian-maritime-strategy)

Perhaps this ‘response’ by BAE systems is worth considering. By that I mean, if the current or future Government of Canada decides to truncate the CSC program on cost grounds, it may be advisable to create a sub-class of the CSC to make up for the firepower lost by the decision to buy fewer ships. This sub-class would be 3-4 hulls strong, and would be a true anti-air warfare vessel for an era of great-power competition, with the additional VLS tubes installed in place of the flex space, per the article. Alternatively, if the midship cells are strike-length, the ship would then have a credible long-range precision-strike capability – something clearly lacking in the existing CSC design.

Naturally, this is all theoretical and would have to be assessed on whether the added weight would prejudice stability, speed, etc. Nevertheless, it could take the parent T26 design in an unexpected but welcome direction – i.e., toward that of a ‘family’ of ships.


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