Is Canada Doing Anything about Hypersonic Weapons?

By Dr. Ann Griffiths, 2 December 2021

Both Russia and China have been hard at work developing and now testing hypersonic weapons. They both claim success in their recent tests. Russia in particular is deep into the game, and already mounting hypersonic missiles on its navy ships. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, in November the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov launched a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in the White Sea, the latest in a series of tests of the Zircon, which is supposed to enter service in 2022. When the NORAD commander visited Canada recently, he noted that a US missile defence review is looking at the technology, and the United States is developing systems to detect, track and destroy hypersonic missiles. Canada is not conducting a similar review and hasn’t laid out a position on what it would do to defend Canada from hypersonic weapons. See “NORAD commander warns Canadian officials about the threat posed by hypersonic missiles”


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