New RCN cap

RCN releases a new sea service cap

Credit: Navy News, October 18, 2021

The RCN has released a new, more comfortable and gender-neutral peaked cap for its sailors.

Issue of the new cap will be phased in incrementally as stock becomes available, with the goal of having the entire RCN wearing the new peaked cap by November 2022. During this transition period, either the old sea service cap or the new peaked cap may be worn. The new caps will be issued to non-commissioned members first, beginning in September, and to officers in early 2022, based upon production and delivery schedule.

Naval non-commissioned members and naval officer cadets can submit their online order now for the new peaked cap through the Logistiks Unicorp website. All members will receive their first full cap ensemble at no cost. Sizing is the same as is used for the current sea service cap.


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