Lockheed Martin to supply new SSR to Canada and Japan

It would appear by the following press release from Lockheed Martin on 14 Nov 2019 that Canada has indeed selected the Lockheed Martin Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) as its main Air Warning radar for the CSC frigate. This, it seems, was a closely guarded secret by LM and its partner Missile Defence Agency (MDA) during the design phase contract. It was always difficult to determine what 4 panel Phased Array Radar it was based on looking at any photographs or scaled models. This radar has now been designated the SPY 7 (V) 1 as per the press release by LM. This solid-state radar (SSR) has also been selected by Japan as its main Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) radar with a scaled-down version going on both the CSC as well as the Spanish F110 Class frigates. This is a very capable high end radar that is compatible with Aegis systems and BMD should Canada decide to re-offer to the US. Cheers! For more information, see 
U.S. Government Designates Lockheed Martin's Latest Generation Radar: AN/SPY-7(V)1 | Markets Insider


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