Seaspan shipyard

HMNZS Te Kaha Comes to Canada for Modernization

The government of New Zealand signed a contract with Lockheed Martin Canada for ship installation and trials to complete the upgrade and modernization of the ANZAC-class frigates. The first of two frigates, Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship (HMNZS) Te Kaha arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, this week. Lockheed Martin Canada is responsible for designing and supplying the upgraded combat system for each ANZAC-class frigate, including a new combat management system along with the supply and integration of various sensors, a missile system and a combat systems trainer. Lockheed Martin Canada has entered into a sub-contractual agreement with Seaspan Victoria Shipyards in Victoria to install the new systems on the ship platforms. Seaspan will refit and install the new systems with an expected completion date of 2020 for the entire contract. The second frigate, HMNZS Te Mana, is scheduled to arrive in 2019.


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