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Future Submarines for Canada

The National Shipbuilding Strategy does not include submarines but if Canada is to retain a submarine capability, it will soon have to start thinking about replacing the Victoria-class submarines. DND has a plan to extend their lives, but at some point the decision on either replacing the subs or going out of the submarine business entirely will have to be made. Procurement will undoubtedly be a long and painful process, assuming that Canadians can be convinced of the need for submarines – something that isn’t assured unless there is a serious effort made to convince them. If the government decides to acquire new submarines, that leads us to a consideration of what type of submarine Canada should purchase/build. There is an interesting commentary in Frontline Defence (15 August 2017) by Danny Lam, entitled “Hybrid Submarines, an Efficient Alternative,” that explores the possibilities for a nuclear-steam-electric hybrid propulsion system for new submarines for Canada.


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