New Policy Update: “Implementing the Defence Procurement Strategy: Is It Working?” by J. Craig Stone

21 July 2016 – Ottawa, ON – The Canadian Global Affairs Institute today released, "Implementing the Defence Procurement Strategy: Is It Working?"

The issue of defence procurement in Canada continues to fall in and out of the spotlight but has reappeared recently as the Trudeau government deliberates sole-sourcing the F-18 Super Hornet. Although an important issue, this is just one piece of a much broader puzzle.

Since the initial announcement of the government's Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS) in February 2014, the narrative appears unchanged. Is that a fair assessment or have improvements been made?

This paper, by J. Craig Stone of the Canadian Forces College, addresses just that. By analyzing the three objectives of the DPS identified from inception and assessing what progress appears to have been made, the author then offers a conclusion on whether the desired outcomes have been achieved and what challenges remain going forward.

The complete report, "Implementing the Defence Procurement Strategy: Is It Working?”, is available at: 




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