CNR forum website report

Forum Readership Report

Growth in readership of Broadsides has been very gratifying. Since our move to this new format and server one year ago, our monthly average readership has grown from 11,900 to 43,119. This increase equates to an annual growth rate of 262%.

For the month of July, the forum readership reached a new record high of 64,600.

The top five topics amongst the readers in July were:
Canadian Shipbuilding;
Canadian Submarines;
Maritime Strategy
Canadian Naval Review Next Issue
; and
Canadian Maritime Aviation

All top five topics recorded over 65% new readers, with Canadian Maritime Aviation scoring an astounding 92.5% new visitors to that topic. The next closest topic for new readers was Canadian Shipbuilding with 75%. Welcome to all our new readers.

We will publish further updates to readership statistics quarterly.

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