Precision strike capabilities for Canadian naval forces?

Professor Edna Keeble's recommendation for acquiring a "strike capability for the Navy (e.g. TLAM - Tomahawk Land Attack Missile)" is the same as that made by Professor Elinor Sloan in her book Security and Defence in the Terrorist Era: Canada and North America (McGill-Queens University Press, 2005, pp 114-115).

Sloan observes that the navy is required to operate in littoral waters but lacks any credible ability to project power ashore. She recommends: “[F]uture navy vessels will need to be equipped with the capability to carry out precision strikes against shore targets for the purpose of protecting Canadian troops.” Sloan does not identify a specific weapon system as Keeble does, but does state: “Canada's precision-force capabilities should be concentrated in the maritime element.” Her logic for this recommendation is based on the global freedom of manoeuvre enjoyed by naval forces and the growing importance of land attack and naval fire support tasks in joint expeditionary operations.