Norwegian Coast Guard

Analysis of “Shipbuilding contract holds $250M mystery” by Terry Milewski

Mr. Milewski’s underlying assumption in the article is stated in his byline: “Cost of Arctic patrol ships’ design sparks warning of another procurement ‘fiasco.’ ”  The facts offered in support of the article by the CBC include: Ottawa will pay Irving Shipbuilding $288 million just to design — not build […]


The Norwegian Coast Guard

Sirs: I have read your articles here with interest, and if you would let me, maybe I can maybe clarify some points as to how the Norwegian Coastguard operates. I will just reflect a little over the operations of large ships. Discussing the whole of the concept of the Norwegian […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXIV)

Small may make sense in some respects, but if one is serious about national maritime security then endurance trumps size. There is a myth that the WWII corvettes were tactically useful all the time; in reality, in any heavy sea they were utterly useless because survival became the driving force. […]