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New statistics from IMB reinforce existing trends, show new ones

The statistics on piracy attacks for the first and second quarters of 2010 have been released.  They contain data that shows the Somali pirates are expanding their capabilities to conduct long-range operations and avoid the multinational naval force patrols. The first two quarters of 2010 have resulted in 196 incidents […]


Armed Security Guards Kill Pirate in Shootout

Fox News ( is reporting that armed security guards have shot and killed a Somali pirate for the first time.  You can read the news report here.  The incident took place on Tuesday, 23 March, and was directed against the Panamanian-flagged, general cargo vessel MV Almezaan (IMO Registry No.7906710).  The […]


The weakness of Defended Lanes exposed by an ‘audacious pirate attack’

In my post on 7 December, entitled “Whether to Protect the Sea or Protect the Ships,” I argued that efforts to create defended lanes are a “misguided effort at sea control” and that history has shown repeatedly that they are based on a flawed operational concept.  I did not realize […]