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Cheap and Nasty: Just What Types of Ship does the Navy Need?*

[*Originally appeared in Canadian Naval Review, Vol. 6, No. 4 (Winter 2011).] “Cheap for us and nasty for the Germans.” Winston Churchill, 1940. In this centenary year there is much to be proud of but more to be concerned about. The course envisaged by Leadmark, the future fleet structure as […]


Build training ships for quicker results and flexible employment options

I recently discovered your website and have been reading many past articles where the perennial problems of procurement are featured. Why is there no mention of the ORCA Training Patrol Craft program? A $70M contract was awarded in the November 2004. The first boat, Orca, was accepted in November 2006. […]


Shipbuilding and Independence

The unexpected press release announcing the termination of procurement processes for two new types of ships for the Canadian Coast Guard and Navy was no doubt a heavy blow. And for the perennially under funded Coast Guard, the indefinite delay for the twelve new patrol ships they’d been counting on […]